Success Comes If You Keep At It

Success is in your DNA, you are meant for greatness.

Sounds like a wonderful quote from your favorite 2AM motivational speaker infomercial.

But well, isn’t it kind of true? Even if it’s on a small scale, we’ve all have had success.

Peter Drucker, an author and the “founder of modern management”, has this to say about what man can do.

[A] man’s most specific gift: his ability to put all his resources behind one activity, one field of endeavour, one area of accomplishment… Human excellence can only be achieved in one area, or at the most in very few. — Peter Drucker

After high school, I was rejected by all my university applications. This was a pretty heavy blow for me. Before my mom had passed, she would’ve whooped my butt if I didn’t get a university degree. So for the 2 years after high school I hustled my ass off and was accepted into the UBC Commerce program. At the time the program only accepted one out of every 18 applicants.

Not a big deal for some, but for me, I put my energy and focus on one thing and willed and determined myself into success. At 20 years old, it was an endeavour I focused a lot of energy towards, and made sure I succeeded.

As we get older, it seems wiser to make more realistic expectations of oneself. It’s only the ridiculous or the foolish to remain dreamers into adulthood. Yet it also seems like those exact same people are the only ones that achieve high success.

Each one of us has the ability to throw ourselves in atleast one major endeavour, one project, one direction. It might not happen within a week, month, year, or even years. But if I believe one thing, it is that the best things in life are gained through long term compound interest.

Success comes if you keep at it.