Marcus’ Interesting Things #5

  1. Cooking in Quarantine – This is hands down my favorite content since AQ (after quarantine). What an AWESOME newsletter. Some really great interviews with mostly chefs such as Bobby Flay or Anthony Mangieri, but also other interesting people, Seth Godin appeared on one recently. And considering that all of us are home chef’ing these days, I’m sure you’ll find some good tips for yourself too.
  2. Clifford Brown – I’ve been enjoying this album by Clifford Brown. I’m not sure how I stumbled onto his music, but he’s got some real fun, upbeat, bebop trumpet music.
  3. Miles Davis: Birth of Cool – I haven’t gotten through all of this yet (as mentioned previously, I really just feel like watching comedies these days). However I am really digging this. If you’re into this, check out this list that I plan to work through.
  4. John Prine – I never heard of him till last week, sadly he passed from Covid-19 complications. I started digging into his music, and reading a bit of his story is a nice way to enjoy his music.
  5. Ozark Season 3 – I am all in on this show. It might crack my top 10 of all time (I haven’t sat and written that list down yet). I can’t believe what started in season 1 for me as “let’s check out what Jason Bateman is like playing a serious/dark role” into one of the most anticipated series on right now. I continue to tell this to people, but it has many hints of Breaking Bad, which is regular people who get thrusted into a life of dark crime and really start to “break bad”.
  6. Curb Your Enthusiasm – I don’t have anyone around me watching this, but I saw Larry David’s video on staying at home and laughed my ass off that I thought I should give him a shot. The pilot did not disappoint and I look forward to another 10 seasons of episodes.
  7. I’ve seen several people posting about how much money they have been saving the last month. I’ve gone the complete opposite way, spending way more money. Since my family and I moved to the Sunshine Coast, we’ve had to restock on all sorts of crafts and activities and toys, even clothes, and we even bought a trampoline for my daughter as the top physical activity.
  8. This week I had some fun participating in trying to spread this project across the world. In 24 hours, my colleagues and I did a hackathon style set up using Keboola, Zendesk, AWS Services, and CleverMaps to build a solution.
  9. 30-50 Feral Hogs – One of my favorite podcast episodes ever. I was just reminded about it a couple hours ago cause I stumbled on this article (read it after listening to the podcast).
  10. Lone Wolf Provisions – Seriously some of the best coffee and sourdough I’ve ever had comes from Sunshine Coast. If you’re ever up here, try and stop here every chance you get.