Marcus’ Interesting Things #1

Woop! Thanks for checking out my first newsletter. Since I haven’t been writing, the least I could do is share some cool stuff that have been inspiring me, impacting me, or entertaining me lately.

Music I’ve been grooving to

I randomly stumbled on Cory Wong on Facebook, and have been enthralled ever since. The musicians and music heads will definitely appreciate his tunes. The musicianship is insane. Check out this concert he did. Also, he’s hilarious.

Movies I’ve really appreciated the last couple months

Marriage Story on Netflix, was an incredibly well done film. Great acting, great writing, very touching.

Long Shot was one of the more rare rom-com’s that actually keep you laughing from beginning to end. Which Seth Rogen is particularly good at (Bad Neighbors was similar for me). One of my favorite comedies as of late.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is super emotional, very inspiring, a great story, and based on a true story. A story about a village in Africa that is experiencing a long draught, and what one young, smart boy did, in order to turn it around.

Dazed and Confused has aged shockingly well. I guess if you were born between roughly 1980 – 1990, this should feel both nostalgic and funny.

Rounders is one of my all time favorites, and I gave it a re-watch. If you haven’t watched it, it’s Matt Damon and Ed Norton. Matt Damon also discusses some of the back story, and his readiness for a sequel, in his interview with Bill Simmons.

Favorite Purchase

If you’re a parent, and you think Duplo is expensive … check out ebay. For $40 I was able to get 100 pieces of various shapes. Also, aliexpress has what appears to be some quality sets that fit Duplo perfectly. I’m super pumped about this set that I’ve ordered (unfortunately takes aliexpress forever to ship). .

Business Idea that Really Attracts Me

On one hand, I’ve always been really drawn to owning my own business. I’ve read countlessly on entrepreneurship and business, even since university. However no matter how much I’ve ever wanted to start, or initially got started, I’ve never been able to get going.

However the idea of being an “acquisition entrepreneur” seems like it might fit my skillset. I’m perfectly OK with seemingly boring businesses that produce a good quality product or service.

A “data” related joke that I got a kick out of