“Disturbed because they fear that they have mislived …”

Photo Cred: Greg Ortega @ http://gregrtega.tumblr.com

Am I ready to die?

If I were to die today, I would regret.

Not preparing my wife and child for my death.
Not writing down my life lessons to share with my child(ren).
Not telling my family how much I appreciate them.
Not sticking up for myself earlier.
Not finding courage to live authentically earlier.
Not thinking for myself earlier.
Not snowboarding more.
Not going to Crossfit more often.
Watching too much TV.
Not eating healthier.
Not building more.
Not living up to my values sooner.
Not having stronger character.

But it doesn’t have to be like this when I’m 100. I don’t have to have regrets. I know what I value. I know what I stand for. I know my calling. I know whom I’m impacting. I know what makes me happy. I know what makes me fulfilled.

I don’t need permission to live life without regrets.

Do you?


“[..] why are people, both young and old, disturbed by the prospect of dying? Some are disturbed because they fear what might come after death. Many more, though, are disturbed because they fear that they have mislived — that they have, that is, lived without having attained the things in life that are truly valuable.” — William B. Irvine, A Guide to the Good Life

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