Discipline Equals Freedom

Discipline equals freedom — Jocko Willink from episode of the Tim Ferriss Podcast.

Discipline in how you treat your body (exercise and food) leads to more freedom.

  • from physical exhaustion
  • pain as a result of sedentary lifestyle (back/neck pain)
  • walk long periods of time
  • try interesting new activities
  • prolong your “able” life to try new experiences
  • from doctors
  • from health problems

Discipline in your relationships (friendships or romantic) leads to more freedom.

  • increased closeness
  • increased trust
  • increased support
  • increased belonging
  • increased understanding
  • increased romance
  • increased love
  • decreased disputes

Discipline in your career leads to more freedom.

  • to pick jobs you enjoy
  • to have greater salary potential
  • to take riskier career moves
  • to have greater freedom to take sabbaticals
  • to negotiate perks and benefits
  • to make autonomous decisions for the business

Discipline in your personal finances leads to more freedom.

  • No debt = no stress
  • More options when you want to take a break or retire
  • Make financial mistakes
  • Buy things that you wouldn’t otherwise
  • Experience (ie. travel) where money is required

Discipline in businesses leads to more freedom.

  • disciplined approaches lead to creativity
  • more empowerment across the organization
  • alignment amongst all members
  • “A culture of discipline is not a principle of business, it is a principle of greatness” — Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

Discipline in training your dog …

  • greater sense of connection
  • more trust
  • freedom to roam around
  • freedom to go to public places
  • freedom of a leash entirely
  • freedom to play more
  • freedom to interact with others more

As you can see, freedom can impact any and every area of your life.  This is because discipline is practice, which leads to experience, which leads to skills and expertise.  The greater skills you have in any area, the more options it opens up to do more meaningful and greater things.  For anyone who is successful at anything, discipline is always a prerequisite.  Whether an athlete, business person, spouse, writer, or artist, they all put in the time and have disciplined habits and approaches that allow them to pursue more.