Special Star Syndrome and Homogenous Star Syndrome

Many millennials were told growing up that they were special no matter what.  It didn’t matter what their results were as long as they tried.

The “special star” treatment is excellent for building self confidence and self esteem.  You should feel that you are a special star.  Each of us are a unique human being and have a gift to offer others that no one else could possibly give.  Most people I know, including myself, would do much better in gaining this belief that “I’m a ‘special star’ in the universe.”

What most people I know have is the inverse special star belief.  “I am a special star and the world treats me uniquely.”  You are the only one that has a tough time dealing with rejection.  Your parents didn’t equip you or teach you.  You weren’t given the genetics to succeed.  The government, organizations, societies, target you, the victim.

The reality is that there is not a single person in history that has ever been you, or will ever be like you.  That makes you a special star.  The world, the people, it’s circumstances, cosmic forces, treat you the same.  That makes you a homogenous star.